Image result for Commissioner of Prisons Williams Alexander trinidadCommissioner of Prisons Williams Alexander believes that arming off-duty officers must be given top priority and as such he plans to engage in discussions on the issue with acting Commissioner Stephen Williams on the issue.

He made the comment yesterday following the funeral for slain prison officer Richard Sandy at the St Barnabas Anglican Church, Pleasantville.

Calls for off-duty Prison Officers to be armed have been made by Prisons Officers Association President Ceron Richards for some time now and more so in the wake of Sandy’s murder.

Yesterday, however, Alexander admitted said they have had support from Williams in the past on the issue, but said the prison service also has the power to issue firearms based on officers’ circumstances.

In light of the recent attacks on officers, Alexander said this policy has been stepped up but only for on duty officers. Cases involving arming off-duty officers were increasing but were still being determined by him, he said.