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The community must take responsibility for crime…a well known pastor weighs in

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Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, Clive Dottin

The community must shoulder greater responsibility for the decrease in crime among young persons in this country.

This is the view of Seventh Day Adventist Pastor, Clive Dottin.

In an interview with News Power Now earlier today Pastor Dottin discussed his recent visit to one Secondary school in the Port of

Spain area to deliberate on a way forward to rectify the high occurrence of criminal activities in the area.

He believes that the criminals have gone one step ahead of the state in their networking and recruiting.

Dottin indicated that at the heart of this issue is the lack of positive role models in the lives children, be it in the home or at school as

well as the lost sense of accountability to by the state to rein in on the illegal activities that cause chaos on a daily basis.

His advice to the government in an attempt to create a more holistic approach in this matter that is at the core of national interest is to

focus on initiatives that fosters the growth of more responsible young citizens not only within their communities but for the wider


Dottin hopes to see these issues brought under control in the near future through a collaborative effort.