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The Congress of the People (COP) is not dead

There is still life in the Congress of the People.

This is according to leadership hopeful Nicole Dyer Griffith.

Griffith along with Carolyn Seepersad Bachan and Sharon Gopaul McNicols are all vying for the leadership of the COP.

Griffith believes that that despite public perception the COP still has a place in the political landscape.

She says that there will always be a need for an alternative political vehicle to speak to the marginal voters.

Meanwhile there is another candidate who believes that she has a good chance at assuming the leadership of the Congress of the People.

Carolyn Seepersad Bachan says that she offered herself before and she was not successful.

She believes that this was due to propaganda circulating at the time that put her in a negative light.

She says that many who did not vote for her before have approached her expressing their regret that they did not do so.

She said that her vision for the part is that the COP must stand on its own and practice good governance within the party.