King's Wharf, San Fernando,

King’s Wharf, San Fernando

Reports indicate that Alfredo Patterson was shot multiple times at King’s Wharf, San Fernando, shortly after his cousin Micheal Patterson was gunned down on Friday on Mucuarapo St. San Fernando.

Hours after Michael Patterson was gunned down in San Fernando on Friday, violence escalated with a male relative and his alleged killer severely injured after a shootout.

Both men were warded in critical conditions at the San Fernando General Hospital with Patterson’s relative barely surviving a gunshot wound to the head.

However word reaching our newsroom is that Alfredo Patterson succumbed to his injuries at 1 am today.

The suspected murderer suffered heavy blood loss after a gunshot to his leg severed a major artery.

The 27 year old man who shot Michael Patterson to death is still being sought by police authorities after he escaped custody from the San Fernando general Hospital on Sunday.