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The Education Minister blames politics for school protests

The Education Minister blames politics for school protests


Education Minister Anthony Garcia

Politically motivated.

This is how protests by parents of students of various schools this year is being described by the Education Minister Anthony Garcia.
He said that leading up to the local elections there had been an increase in protest action by those who described conditions at various schools as unfit for learning.
Garcia lamented what he described as the use of children for political gain.
He maintained in a televised interview this morning that with local elections completed, he suspected that there would be a significant decrease in protest action.
He ,however, acknowledged that there were some structural issues facing some of the nation’s schools.


bullyingMeanwhile, Minister Garcia has indicated that indiscipline and violence among students continues to be a cause for concern at the nation’s schools.
In a televised interview this morning he revealed that students among several schools were found to be violent towards teachers.
He said this obviously presented a huge problem.


Minister Garcia said the Education Ministry had to take immediate action to deal with the problem, with successful results.