A cabinet decision is now awaited as it relates to the way forward with the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses programme or GATE. There is speculation that adjustments to the programme could include university students being made to pay one third of their tuition fees, while postgraduate students may have to pay their full fees.

Speaking on the issue this morning, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia maintained that cabinet will have the final say. He however noted that the accreditation council’s role is an important one, adding that the institutions that students choose to enroll in, must be up to standard.

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia

The Minister said new tertiary education institutions that have sprung up, will be looked into.

Meanwhile, former education Minister, Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, commenting on the issue agreed that the fly by night institutions must be looked into, and non-accredited institutions should not be funded by government.

Dr. Tim Gopeesingh

former Minister of Education, Dr. Tim Gopeesingh

The former Minister said students performance must be monitored and that funding for the programme should not be cut altogether.

Former Education Minister, Dr. Tim Gopeesingh