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The Education Ministry denies allegations that it is breeding criminals

The Education Ministry denies allegations that it is breeding criminals

Garcia visit

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia, right, and president of the National Parent Teachers Association Zena Ramatalia

The Education Ministry is today denying claims made by Behaviour Change Consultant Franklyn Dolly that suggests that the Ministry’s handling of children with behavioral challenges is not efficient.

Dolly was quoted in the media as saying that steps must immediately be taken to address how children with behavioural challenges are dealt with in the school system as failure to do so will result in schools continuing to breed “criminals.”

Insinuating that children with problems do not receive the help they need, he said that a school councilor may come into a school every two weeks to conduct a 40-minute session with a child.

The child is then sent back to the classroom.

The Ministry in a release however denied the claims noting that there are guidance counselors and officers at every secondary school throughout the seven Education Districts.

It said additionally, students with concerns have the benefit of specialized intervention through the multi-disciplinary team that includes (Guidance School Social Workers, Special Education Instructors, Clinical Psychologists and Behavioral Specialists).

The release also noted that Student Support Services Personnel provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treat with psycho-social, psycho-educational and psychological barriers to learning.