Minister of Education Anthony GarciaThere is evidence that the text book racket is wide scale.

This is according to the Minister of Education Anthony Garcia.

He stated that the Education Ministry found proof that government books were being sold in bookstores.

On Wednesday, the Education Minister showed a copy of one such book that was bought from a bookstore in Arima.

As the investigation into an alleged “textbook racket” continues the Minister disclosed that there was clear evidence that there was a major cover up at book stores.


Garcia provided the media with evidence of this by way of a language arts book that was being sold in an Arima bookstore at a cost of $120.

He revealed that there were books that were labelled “property of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago” being sold in bookstores throughout the country illegally.

He informed the media that the Ministry was looking into the source of the missing books.

Garcia also said that one bookshop owner came to see him with a similar complaint.