The Equality Council of Trinidad & Tobago is describing as hypocritical a recent statement by the Media Association of T&T concerning an alleged boycott of State advertising funds to two media houses

Media Association of TnT under critisim

Over the weekend the Media Association issued a statement in which it raised concern over reports that media houses i95.5fm and the T&T Mirror were facing sanctions because of their perceived support for the opposition People’s National Movement

However, in a release last evening the Equality Council of T&T slammed MATT’s statement

The ECtt says MATT was silent when, under the previous PNM administration, State advertising primarily favoured i95.5 FM over the past decade while other stations were struggling to obtain similar advertising.

ECtt, which was formerly the Indo Trinbago Equality Council, says that MATT also remained silent when stations that were perceived as hostile to the PNM Administration such as WIN TV, WIN Radio, Heritage Radio, Radio Jaagriti and ieTV paid a price for that perception

The ECtt accuses MATT of having a naked political agenda that is tied to the TnT Mirror and to i95