The Finance Minister Announces A Revised Budget Which Increases Expenditure By $1.8 Billion.

by | May 13, 2019

Finance Minister Colm Imbert announced a revised budget in his Mid-Year review that will see budget expenditure increasing by $1.8 billion.


The Judiciary will receive $57.682 million for the payment of salaries and arrears of salaries; for filling critical vacant positions; for arrears of rent for 19 locations and for the renewal of subscription for software at the Family Court;


The Service Commissions will receive $3 million for security services and for assessment of senior officials in the public sector;


The Office of the Prime Minister will receive $12 million to meet the operational costs of the Children’s Authority and for payment for children assigned to private community residences;


The Ministry of Finance will receive $709 million to reimburse the Infrastructure Development Fund, from which funds were used to finance the exit cost associated with the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago. This will ensure that adequate funding is available for the development programme for the balance of the year;


The Comptroller of Accounts would receive $18 million for pensions and gratuities for contract officers;


The Ministry of National Security will receive $200 million for CCTV camera services, for janitorial services, for the Civilian Conservation Corp programme and for the Strategic Services Agency;


The Ministry of Attorney General and Legal Affairs  will receive $50 million for legal fees;


The Ministry of Education will receive $50 million for examination invigilators; for school feeding caterers; and for examination fees for students;


The Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development will receive $39.3 million for the OJT programme;


The Ministry of Public Utilities will receive $200 million to meet outstanding payments to DESALCOTT for the supply of desalinated water;


The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government will receive $39 million for salaries for municipal police officers; for the provision of water trucking services and rent at the municipal corporations;


The Ministry of Works and Transport will receive $85.7 million for daily-paid employees and for the charter-hire of a new high-speed passenger vessel for the Seabridge;


The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will receive $75 million for salaries and allowances for police officers, for payment of utilities and rent and equipment acquisition.


The Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs will receive $1.6 million for minor equipment purchases;


The Ministry of Communications receive the sum of $10 million for TTT for live broadcast productions;


The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services  will receive $227.5 million to meet the increases in the senior citizens pensions as well as for flood victims;


The Public Sector Investment Programme is being increased for:

  • the Personnel Department in the sum of $2 million to outfit a new building for the staff of the personnel department;
  • the Ministry of National Security in the sum of $7 million to meet the maintenance cost of vessels utilized by the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard;
  • the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in the sum of $48 million to pay contractors for the refurbishment of HDC apartments, for the Housing and Village Improvement Programme and for works in greater Port-of-Spain;
  • the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs in the sum of $4.42 million for refurbishing our Embassy in Washington and the High Commission in London.