parliament-ttThe Finance Minister says the Government was not going to allow the FATCA bill to fail in the parliament on Friday.

In an exclusive Interview with News Power Now following the most of the Opposition’s members’ decision to leave the House of

Representatives on Friday, Minister Colm Imbert explained that while Dr. Bhoe Tewarie remained in the House to represent the

Opposition, there was no way the bill would have passed anyway. The Speaker of House, Brigid Annisette George on Friday announced

that the bill would be brought back to the parliament on September 30th, the same day that the Financial Appropriation Bill is to be

presented for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Minister Imbert told News Power Now that a failed FATCA bill would have set a bad precedence for this country.

The Opposition Leader, on Friday said she was convinced that the Government had no intention of passing the legislation.

The Financial Appropriation Bill for fiscal 2016-2017 takes precedence in the parliament on September 30th.