The government is coming under fire for the newly formed Heritage Petroleum Company Limited and the Paria Fuel Trading Company, which now replaces Petrotrin.

Member of Parliament for Pointe-a-Pierre David Lee, speaking with News Power Now on Sunday, called it strange, as to the haste at which the new entities were formed and is questioning the name of one of the companies, which he says is similar to that of a company operating in the United States.

Lee wants to know why such an approach was taken by the government, leaving many more questions than there are answers.

Lee said the forming of the new entities was designed to dismantle the Trade Union and he believes that Petrotrin workers should be given first preference when it comes to hiring.

Meanwhile, Attorney Lennox Marcelle has chastised the Government for its handling of the Petrotrin matter.

During an interview on the Programme Impact T&T, Mr Marcelle said the State has not been a prime example of an employer.