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The Health Minister says no one can be fired for current drug shortage problem

The Health Minister says no one can be fired for current drug shortage problem

drug shortageThe Health Minister is today giving the assurance that the chronic drug shortage being experienced in this country, will soon be a thing of the past. Minister Terrence Deyalsingh this morning explained that $50 million had to be spent on paying bills inherited from the former People’s Partnership government.

He assured that a system of supply chain management will be instituted shortly, something he firmly believes will put an end to drug shortages in T&T.

The Minister lamented that the former health Minister did not take the time to understand supply chain management and as such, he made it clear that no person beneath the minister could be blamed for the problem.

Persons suffering with chronic health issues have been left without medication to treat their illnesses for weeks. The Minister this morning said some medication is readily available this morning, at health institutions.


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    The mighty Trinifreak 2 years

    Of course the former minister of health is in charge of this shortage. He should have paid them people from India enough money and medication is no problem. However, his Prime Minister, a female lawyer of east Indian decent always said:”Rum is the best medicine you can get.” Rum is available in the rum shop and produced locally. Next time you feel sick go to the rum shop and drink plenty.After 5 tots your desease is cured.