The Islamic Front says it is disgusted by the report of a T&T born, US citizen’s plan to run over a crowd of innocent people in the that country.

28-year-old Rondell Henry, who was arrested after he allegedly stole a U-Haul at National Harbour in Washington, reportedly told investigators that he hated non-Muslims and that was the motive behind his planned attack.

The report also stated, US authorities claimed, Henry was “radicalized” by online ISIS videos he began watching two years ago.

Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah told News Power that such intentions should be condemned in the strongest of terms and in no way should this be aligned to Islam and Muslims.

He said that the US Department of State’s updated travel advisory may very well be linked to this latest incident concerning the Trinidadian national.

He said that unfortunately each time incidents such as these occur Muslims in T&T find it increasingly difficult to enter the United States.