The Islamic Front says it is certainly not amused nor does it find solace in the reinstatement of ASP Roger Alexander.

This is according to a media release from the Organisation.

It claimed that this is one error Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith should not be making so early in  office.

The release also noted that it is quite apparent this matter before the courts is not over and the ugly truth is, this endorsement by Commissioner Griffith would go horribly wrong.

Alexander and his co-accused constable Sheldon Mires were charged with assaulting Christopher Charles in Santa Cruz in July 2016. After two years and 44 days, they were freed of the charges.

Speaking with News Power, Head of the Islamic Front Umar Abdullah stated that the matter is definitely not over.

He said that the Commissioner of Police added insult to injury by appearing alongside with ASP Alexander on his return debut on TV6’s Beyond the Tape.

Abdullah said that Commissioner Griffith needs to reconsider his decision to reinstate the officer.