Makesi Peters

President of the UWI Guild Makesi Peters

This is according to President of the UWI Guild Makesi Peters.

There has been widespread concern with recommendations presented to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago by a special task force set up by the Keith Rowley administration to review the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) programme.

The report suggested that students enrolled at university would have to pay one third of their fees while postgraduate students would lose all financial assistance to continue their studies.
He said that yesterday he along with other representatives of the various student bodies met to discuss a release sent as it related to GATE.

He said that the group asked that any changes be withheld for the new academic term.

He articulated several problems that could arise if students’ funding was affected.

He also acknowledged that there was some wastage in terms of GATE funding, and there was need for reform.


The UWI Guild President said that the rules that governed the GATE program needed to be tightened in order to deal with wastage and other issues that affected funding.