The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service warns of more rainfall throughout the day and as a consequence more flooding.

On Thursday the MET Office extended its Yellow Level Adverse Weather Alert for Eastern and Southern Trinidad till Friday at 8:00 a.m.

However, speaking with News Power Now,  Meteorologist Alex Young revealed that the Weather Alert would be extended again on Friday.

He advised that periods of rainfall and thunderstorm activity are likely mainly over Trinidad.

He also disclosed that the Riverine Flood Alert #1 – Orange Level remains in effect for communities located along Trinidad’s main river courses and associated tributaries.

Mr Young said that due to some technical difficulties at present the TTMS could not say how long the Weather Alert would be extended, however the MET Office would advise as soon as the problem was rectified.

Meanwhile, the Met Office says it takes it role in forewarning the public very seriously.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show, climatologist Kenneth Kerr dismissed comments by the Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharath that the Met Office “forecasts after the fact”.

Mr Kerr described Minister Rambharath’s comments as “unfortunate”