The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service is warning vulnerable groups to continue to prepare against an onslaught of Saharan Dust.

In its weather forecast, the Met Office urged people with respiratory illnesses to take precaution.

Photos and videos shared to social media showed extremely hazy conditions after the Met Office monitored dust levels which affected the islands over the weekend.

Speaking with News Power, Meteorologist Gary Benjamin explained that the event is expected to continue until tomorrow, Tuesday.

He explained exactly what the Saharan Dust is and its presence here.

He noted that for vulnerable groups such as asthma sufferers, children and the elderly, these dusty conditions could be problematic.

Benjamin said that necessary precautionary measures should be taken by those most vulnerable.

However he also explained that measures such as using a dusk mask would not be effective in this situation.

Healthcare professionals recommend saline spray, air purifiers, nasal irrigation other over the counter treatments to help treat mild symptoms of nasal congestion and irritation.