A total of 18,849 students across Trinidad and Tobago will enter their classrooms on Thursday, April 4th to write the annual Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA).

Via a media release Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia assured that the Ministry has been working assiduously to ensure that no form of disruption occurs to challenge the mental preparedness of the students, parents, teachers, principals and school supervisors before, during and after the examination.

All systems, he says, have been tested and re-tested for the smoothest flow and successful administration of this exam.

He also stated that School Supervisors, principals and teachers have been trained and will be doing one last training session today in collaboration with the Division of Educational Research and Evaluation (DERE) in preparation for receiving students and conducting the assessment on Thursday.

He confirmed that the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) has reinitiated the annual SEA hotline for the day of the examination.

The Education Minister also implored parents and guardians to remember that on their own, the students have already set goals in their mind.

He reminded that at this time what they need is support and encouragement.

Meanwhile, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association, Lindsley Doodai says he does not anticipate any issues.

Mr Doodai said that supervision of the SEA Examination does not fall in the job specs of teachers.

He said this was an issue a few years ago that caused some friction between teachers and the Education Ministry.

However he said that the issue was ironed out after several meetings between the Education Ministry and TTUTA.