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National Security Minister retired major General Edmund Dillon

Reports today state that National Security Minister retired major General Edmund Dillon issued a directive to Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams to re-strategize crime fighting techniques in order to get the alarming murder rate down.

The Northern Division accounts for 98.1 percent of the nation’s murders, followed by the Central Division which is responsible for 36.1 percent.

Yesterday Minister Dillon held a two-hour meeting with Commissioner Williams and the commanders of the two divisions, Snr Supt McDonald Jacob (Northern) and acting Snr Supt Kenny McIntyre (Central) to give them a clear mandate.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning President of the Police Service Social and Welfare Association Anand Ramesar stated that the Association is in full support of a directive to re-strategize crime fighting efforts.

However he claimed that the security Minister needs to see his role in the issue.

He disclosed that a number of issues needed to be addressed in order for the TTPS to effectively deal with the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago.

He lamented the fact that proper consultations were not being done.