Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte is denying rumours that a rift between WASA’s CEO and Chairman led to the CEO being sent on leave.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ellis Burris is presently on 12 days’ vacation leave with effect from December 17.

In his absence Director of Customer Care Mr Allan Poon – King will be acting as CEO.

Recent reports indicated that the WASA Board chaired by Romney Thomas sent the CEO on immediate vacation leave.

There were reports that the CEO was conflicted with the Board and the Minister over the alleged impending mass firings at WASA.

However Minister Le Hunte refuted this.

Speaking with News Power Now, he described the claims as fake news.


Minister Le Hunte also said that WASA cannot continue on the path that it is on because the utility is an essential service.

He also commented on claims by the Secretary General of the Communication Workers Union, Clyde Elder, that there are plans afoot to break up TSTT similar to what was done with Petrotrin.

The Minister said that while he was unaware of the claims, the Government is only interested in ensuring that the entity becomes profitable and does not become a burden on the state.

He said that the recent termination of some 700 TSTT employees was necessary for the preservation of the jobs of over 1000 workers at the Organization.