Zika MosquitoThe Ministry of Health says there are 149 laboratory confirmed cases of the Zika virus in Trinidad and Tobago, 23 confirmed dengue fever cases and four Chikungunya cases. Just two people in Tobago are currently being treated for Zika.

Amid heightened concern over medicinal shortages at the nation’s healthcare facilities presently, the ministry of health is appealing to the public at large to follow previously outlined steps to prevent any mosquito borne infection.

Steps to aid in this prevention include:

  • The disposal of all unwanted containers or items around the yard that can collect water and become mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Covering water containers such as barrels and buckets
  • Ensuring that drains and gutterings are clear and allow for the free flow of water.
  • And empty and scrub the sides of water vases or use dirt or sand instead, to support plants.