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The MSJ Condemns Lack Of Swift Response by The Country’s Authorities

The MSJ Condemns Lack Of Swift Response by The Country’s Authorities

MSJ Leader, David Abdullah

MSJ Leader, David Abdullah

The Movement for Social Justice has lashed out at this country’s authorities, saying that the Police High Command, the Minister of National Security, the National Operations Centre and above all, the Prime Minister were noticeably silent in the wake of today’s jailbreak.

MSJ Leader, David Abdullah, in a statement called it a long absence of decisive leadership and blamed rumours and social media speculation and unconfirmed reports on the absence of a statement by those in command.

The political group warns that if the police are unable to apprehend the two remaining escapees in the shortest possible time, trauma will be added to what is already being experienced by citizens as a result of the recent murders across the country.

The MSJ has expressed concern that the incident demonstrated that Trinidad and Tobago lacks a proper emergency evacuation plan for the capital city, highlighting that traffic became gridlocked almost immediately and those taking public transportation found it difficult to access such.

Mr. Abdullah ended by saying that the citizens need to understand that the nation is in crisis and short term band aid solutions will not work anymore.