There has been talk of a limited state of emergency with curfews implemented in hotspots to aid the police in suppressing the crime in those communities.

It was an idea also touted by former National Security Minister Jack Warner who has said that it can be an effective tool in stifling crime in affected communities.

However, National Security Minister Stuart Young has dismissed this suggestion. In a recent television interview he said this is not an option at this time.

He said there is a lot of room in the law for the police to operate effectively in the current circumstances.

Asked a similar question during his own news briefing, the Police Commissioner  refused to be drawn on it, except to correct what he saw as an inaccuracy.


Police Accused Of Bias During Raids

Since the implementation of the red alert, the police  have been accused of bias in the communities  they target.

Minister Young has admitted that certain communities were being targeted but says this is only because police intelligence pointed to the existence of criminals in those areas.

His sentiments were echoed by Sgt David Swanson, of the police communications unit.

He said while some may feel that only a particular demographic in specific areas is being targeted, the police is interested in targeting criminals, period.