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The National Security Ministry Receives The Chunk of the Pie as The 2015/2016 Budget is Presented

The National Security Ministry Receives The Chunk of the Pie as The 2015/2016 Budget is Presented

The National Security Ministry has been allocated the largest chunk of the pie in this year’s fiscal budget, Finance Minister, Colm Imbert made the presentation in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

He said the National Security Ministry will receive $ 10.81 billion dollars.

The second largest amount has been allocated to education, with that ministry being afforded $9.763 billion dollars.

Concentrating on Education, Minister Imbert emphasized will be placed on revising the school curriculum, expanding the GATE programme where necessary and aiming for broad band internet access in the school system.

The Ministry of Health will receive $6.80 billion, Public Utilities, $4.452 billion, Local government $2.272 billion, Works and Infrastructure 1.915 billion and Housing $1.663 billion.

The minister announced that The Transportation ministry has been allotted $1.156 billion while the Agriculture Ministry has received $831 million dollars.


Focusing on the country’s largest income generator, the energy sector, Minister Imbert explained that extensive consultations with stake holders will take place to come up with appropriate incentives for the industry.

He said the practical use of solar and wind energy will also be pursued.

Meanwhile, on the pressing issue of crime, Minister Imbert said the entire security framework will be revisited and government will move to improve protection of the country’s borders and establish a Joint Border Patrol Agency.

The Minister said there will also be greater collaboration between the police and regional corporations, adding that a Police Service Inspectorate will also be set up, with a view to receiving annual reports from them.

A tourism growth strategy is being implemented by government.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert this afternoon said stakeholders will be collaborated with, going forward, in a bid to place Trinidad and Tobago in better standing in the region, when it comes to Tourism.


The Minister explained that the new strategy will tackle major problems that have been hindering the development of the sector.


Finance Minister, Colm Imbert

There are plans to better foster entrepreneurship in this country.

This was revealed this afternoon by the Finance Minister during the 2015/2016 budget presentation.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert noted that many youths in this country are actively involved in the pursuit of business ownership and as such, he signaled government’s intention to promote this.


He said state institutions such as  will be called upon to better assist in the development of young entrepreneurs and all financial institutions will be called upon to help going forward.


Finance Minister, Colm Imbert