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The North West Regional Health Authority says it has taken measures in light of intermittent supply of Chemotherapy drugs in the country

The public is today being advised of a shortage of some drugs used in the treatment of cancers across

the North West Regional Health Authority.

A statement issued by the NWRHA this morning notes that the situation has been ongoing for the past

few months and as a result, the (N.W.R.H.A) has adopted measures to most effectively manage patients.

One of these measures the authority says, has been the adoption of a National Oncology Therapeutic Protocol in 2015, which was revised in February 2016 and instituted by all Regional Health Authorities.

These protocols have standardized patient care nationally and have provided the framework for the

just allocation of drugs in an evidenced-based, cost effective manner for patients requiring oncology

care. For patients requiring drugs that are in short supply, alternative regimens have been utilized

to allow for treatment without compromising patient care and to ensure that citizens continue to

receive the appropriate levels of quality care.

Efforts to contact the Chairman of the North West Regional Health Authority and the Minister of Health this morning proved futile.