Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar is accusing the Government of creating distractions to detract from the real issue as it relates to the Paria Fuel Trading Company.

In a media statement, Mrs. Persad Bissessar said that accusations from the Government that the Opposition spread incorrect information that Paria had been sold was an effort to move away from the real issue of the future ownership of our nation’s patrimony.

She said the viral spread of the “Paria has been sold” image was not linked with, nor was it an act of the United National Congress.

She maintained that the Government has absolutely no evidence on which to base their claims and that this was simply an act by a member of an anxious society of concerned citizens.

The Opposition Leader said the Government has destroyed Petrotrin’s operations and, the assets which they promised to manage in a manner that yields the most for our country are now at risk of being sold off without proper checks and balances.

She said any sale of Petrotrin’s assets must be decided by the People of Trinidad and Tobago who are the real owners. “Any decision to sell the assets of our citizens must be decided by our citizens. Consequently, this administration must stop the sale of all assets until the elections have been decided and more so, after the people via these elections have decided if they want the assets sold,” she wrote.

But in the war of words over this issue, the government issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon, saying the Opposition is now seeking to distance itself from the genesis of the lies it created.

The statement from the Ministry of Communications says it was the UNC that started spreading a false narrative that Paria had been sold to Simpson Oil Limited.