Attorney General Faris Al Rawi must resign immediately, or be removed from office, following the shocking revelations regarding the lease of #3 Alexandra Place, a property owned by Zaman Enterprises, of which he is a shareholder.

This is the view of Public Relations Officer of the United National Congress, Senator Anita Haynes.

Ms Haynes said the disclosure that the building owned by the family of the Attorney General was, in fact, being rented for 14 dollars per square foot and not 7 dollars per square foot as Al-Rawi had publicly stated, proves the Government is trying to cover up misconduct in public office.

She said that the Cabinet note for the lease of #3 Alexander Place lists the rent rates, and the true figure is twice the amount Al-Rawi claimed it was.

This she holds is unacceptable and indefensible, and both the Attorney General and the Government have exposed themselves as being completely morally bankrupt.

She claimed that Cabinet members are now awarding million-dollar contracts to other Cabinet members, using the absurd excuse that once the relevant person leaves the room, it’s okay.

Senator Haynes maintains that there are only two options, either the Attorney General resigns immediately, or the Government calls general elections now.