The Opposition Laments This Country’s Murder Rate & Increased Incidents Of Crime.

by | Mar 28, 2019 | 2 comments

A 60-year-old man was killed in Princes Town on Tuesday night during a Pooja (prayer service).

Joseph Narine, of Duff Road, Princes Town was shot and killed around 11.30 pm at his home during the prayer service, in what police were told was a robbery which turned deadly.

A gunman entered the home and announced a hold-up, during which Narine handed over cash and jewellery.

However, there was said to be a slight confrontation which, for reasons police investigators do not yet understand, led the gunman to open fire on the group.

Narine was hit in the head and upper torso.

Pundit Shervon Narad, was also shot in the incident, sustaining gunshot injuries to his chest and abdomen.

The police and emergency health services were notified, however, Narine succumbed to his injuries on location.

Narad is currently warded in a serious condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.


The Opposition Laments Country’s Crime Rate

The Opposition United National Congress is raising concerns over Trinidad and Tobago’s murder rate and increasing incidents of crime.

The party issued a media release on Wednesday identifying at least six headlines involving murders across the country.

The UNC said these headlines reflect a failed Minister of National Security and criticised the Government for its response on the issue.

Commenting on the tragedy on Tuesday, the Opposition said it was unimaginable that people weren’t safe in religious places.

The UNC noted that young women have fallen victim to murderers with three women killed in just four days and questioned what it says is the silence of Minister Stuart Young on these issues.

The Opposition recalls that it brought a motion calling for action on violence against women last week but said the response from the Government was inadequate.


  1. Jerry Hussain

    You all really care?

  2. hanselmar

    The only way to curb crime in T&T is to collect all the illegal weapons circulating around the island. This is a big task indeed going from house to house and checking for illegal weapons. Furthermore checking all the containers and boats coming into T&T.Of course the present government is not responsible for all the illegal weapons, but something, apart from prayers, must be done.