Persad Bissessar

Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Opposition Leader

The Opposition Leader is today saying that if Finance Minister Colm Imbert cannot or will not answer

questions raised as to what the $2.5 billion dollars being taken from the Heritage and Stabilization

Fund, will be used for, she calls on the Junior Minister of Finance to explain.

On the heels of her address at the UNC Monday night meeting at the Naparima Boys College, Mrs. Persad

Bissessar in a statement has noted that Mr. Imbert has characteristically refused to explain to the

general public the details of what programmes or projects is to be funded by the $2.5 Billion

Colm Imbert, Minister of Finance

She says the nation was not consulted and the Rowley Government has closed ranks to withhold critical

information from the general public. The Former Prime Minister says if there is nothing sinister

about this withdrawal, why has the move of the government been shrouded in secrecy?

Mrs. Persad Bissessar says it is quite convenient that the Minister of Finance announced to the

nation in delivering his first budget that the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund would be separated

into Heritage and Stabilisation, but he saw the need to make the $2.5 billion dollar withdrawal

before making good on his promise.