Rowley on the attack

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley

But responding to Sanatan dharma Maha Saba’s Secretary General Satnarine Maharaj, Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley says he never said the capital should be relocated.

Dr. Rowley insists there is no truth to the statement made by Mr Maharaj that he endorsed the relocation of the capital city.

He says he only spoke of a development plan called Newtown Walloefield which is a residential district

port of spain

Capital City of Trinidad, Port-of-Spain

Dr. Rowley says the only thing Mr. Maharaj has exposed is the plans of the united national congress to downgrade the city of Port of Spain

Speaking on the power breakfast morning show on power 102.1fm this morning Dr. Rowley said what we are seeing on folding is the strategic plan of the UNC.

Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley