Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley

Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley

 Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley is calling on the Government to stop any plans to pay 10 former CLICO directors a sum of $48.5 million dollars.

The dissuasion by the Opposition Leader came yesterday at a media conference on the heels of a newspaper report of scheduled plans to disburse the payments.

Yesterday, Dr. Rowley said Government is taking steps to have the directors of Clico paid. He said Government has failed to tell the public about this even as taxpayers’ monies remain exposed and some of these said directors have not answered for their involvement in the collapse of the company.

Dr. Rowley said Government must instruct the Central Bank Governor not to make these payments, until taxpayers’ interest are fully satisfied.

Yesterday, in an interview with news Power Now, President of the CLICO policyholders group, Peter Permell said no executive should be paid until the victims are fully compensated.


President of the CLICO Policyholders group, Peter Permell.