Opposition MP, Dr. Roodal Moonilal is slamming what he terms the “arrogant” Ministers involved in the suspension of Estate Constable, Kelvon Alexander at Piarco International Airport.

This after the Airports Authority was served with legal notice to overturn Mr Alexander’s suspension.

A letter by his attorney Kiel Taklalsingh noted that the suspension’s immediacy was not as a result of common practice or any good and substantial grounds. Rather, it was an attempt to treat with ministerial interference and/or an abuse of power.

It said that the imposition of the suspension was unreasonable and did not sufficiently respect procedural fairness.

Speaking with News Power Now, Dr Moonilal said that there is a clear case of a flaunting of office.

Alexander was suspended last month after he was found to be discourteous while telling Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs Dennis Moses and Minister of Planning and Development Camille Robinson-Regis that they could not exit through a controlled access door at the airport which would have allowed them to bypass Customs.

Dr Moonilal called on the Prime Minister to take action against the Ministers in question, and also called for the immediate revoking of the employee’s suspension.

The Airports Authority also issued a statement earlier this week, once again repeating that Alexander was found to be ‘discourteous’ and ‘injudicious’ while carrying out his duties, despite being right in telling the ministers they were not allowed to pass through the door.

Minister Mosses has denied that he was in any way discourteous or that he overstepped his boundaries during the exchange.