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The Opposition’s Arrival Day greetings

On the occasion of Indian Arrival Day today, Opposition Chairman, David Lee, in a message to the nation said, today’s celebration centers around highlighting the values, showcasing the activities and rekindling the principles which have allowed the East Indian Community to become an equal and well respected pillar within Trinidad and Tobago’s framework.

He said , without the contribution of culture, art, religion and even food by those early settlers who arrived on the Fatel Razzack this country’s identity would not be as profound and world renowned as it is today.

Mr Lee said like other communities, East Indians have faced hardship, but like every other group of people who sought to find a new home in T&T, they displayed determination and will power to achieve a better way of life not only for their future generations but for the future of Trinidad and Tobago.

The UNC Chairman noted that presently many of this country’s citizens have a heavy heart and mind as they are troubled by the crime situation, burdened by the rising cost of living and traumatized by Government’s plan to implement Property Tax.

He called on citizens to be brave and determined to work towards a better nation as was done by all fore fathers who came to Trinidad and Tobago.