tclAncil RogetThe Oilfield Workers Trade Union declares war on Government and says a national shut down will take
place if wage negotiations are not settled by next year or if gas and fuel prices are raised again.

Speaking at a media conference outside the Ministry of Finance, Eric Williams Finance Building,
Independence Square, President General of the OWTU, Ancel Roget, called the Finance Minister, Colm
Imbert dishonest and condemns any action to stall an increase in workers’ wages.

Roget said the union is calling on the Finance Minister to show respect to the country and its
affairs in an effort to avoid the IMF.

JTUM MARCH 2Roget went on to add that all workers should be dealt with fairly and accused the previous government
of deceiving the public on the country’s economic affairs and by adhering to a 14% wage increase to
other trade unions.

President General of the OWTU, Ancel Roget