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The PM lays out plans for the country if re-elected

The PM lays out plans for the country if re-elected


Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar

We must never forget that the man who was one of the most important pioneers of the labour movement in Trinidad and Tobago, is the man after whom our headquarters here is named.

Adrian Cola Rienzi, who was born Krishna Deonarine, and who championed the causes of the sugar workers alongside his great friend Butler.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar revealed this in her Labour Day message.

She said, today, there are others marching in Fyzabad and promoting the Leader of the Opposition’s cause of reversing every area of progress we have made.
These people claim to represent workers, but they are trying to elect a man who’s every word and action tells us that he will make life hard and challenging for working men and women.
The release claimed that the Prime Minister has honored all of her promises she made to the people in 2010.
It state that if the Partnership is re-elected it will target work with the Manufacturing Sector to achieve higher levels of exports.

It will continue to invest significantly in education and training to improve skills and help our people get better jobs.

It will take a zero tolerance approach towards crime and do its utmost to deliver quality healthcare and education and will invest in buildings, facilities and training among other things.
So having promised and delivered a turnaround, stability, growth and progress in our first term, our work must continue into the second term if we are to truly achieve a nation we can celebrate.