Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is  hitting back at the front page of Thursday’s Trinidad Express Newspaper which draws attention to uniforms being worn by officers in the dispensation of their duties.

The issue was raised on Tuesday by civic action group Fixin’ T&T, which is headed by businessman Kirk Waithe.

In a follow-up statement on Wednesday, Mr Waithe said, that any attempt to condition the public to accept police dressed in military-style fatigues as ‘normal’ must be immediately stopped.

He maintained that militarization of our police is a giant step towards becoming a military state.

Speaking with News Power, Commissioner Griffith lamented the fact that this issue was treated with the level of importance that should have been given to more notable matters.

He said that this was not coincidental but rather a sad response to his recent criticism of the media.

He said that what makes it worst is the fact that it is based on comments from Kirk Waithe.


Secretary of the Police Social and Welfare Association, Anand Ramesar stated in the article that the TTPS must maintain its identity, and said some officers have raised an alarm about Griffith’s militarized image.

He also stated that this has to be approved by the relevant minister and, to some extent, by Cabinet as the uniform is governed by the PSC Act and he is not aware of any amendment to the Act.

Commissioner Griffith told our newsroom that Ramesar’s comments amount to disrespect.