President of the Police Social and Welfare Association, Acting ASP Michael Seales is supporting the officers involved in the shooting of a mentally ill man in San Fernando.

The man, identified as Roger Na­gas­sar, also known as ‘Bubbles’, is said to be an outpatient of the St Ann’s  Psychiatric Hospital.

According to reports, officers responded to a call from residents in Friendship Village, on Wednesday, that a man was seen walking in the road with a cutlass.

When officers arrived, they met Nagassar in the road with a cutlass in his hand.

Police reportedly asked him to put the cutlass down but he reportedly refused and began advancing toward the officers.

Police fired several shots at him hitting him in his chest.

He was taken to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, ASP Seales said the entire incident again underscores the need for officers to be armed with non-lethal weapons.

He added that having viewed a video of the incident, he believes that the officers’ reaction was appropriate.