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The police unaware of wrecking laws…this from the PCA

The police unaware of wrecking laws…this from the PCA

police in action_2Police are unaware of the law when it comes to illegally parked cars and the issue of wrecking.

This is according to Head of the Police Complaints Authority David West.

Speaking on the Power Breakfast Morning programme on Power 102.1fm today, West stated that the law was clear on this issue.

He was commenting on the recent incident that grabbed public attention.

On Monday, a video showing a man’s car being wrecked went viral.

The man, identified as Jared Edwards, was seen seated on the bonnet of his blue Nissan Wingroad as the car was towed along the Beetham Highway on the way to the impound lot in Sea Lots.

Edwards explained that he was standing by his car when the wrecker approached.

He told the female police officer the car was his but she ignored him and instructed the wrecking crew to take the car, so he jumped on the bonnet in protest and stayed on as it was taken away.

West disclosed an investigation will be launched and it had to start with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act section 108.

He quoted the section that was of concern to the PCA in this case.

WRECKINGHe also revealed that Section C of the Act, also makes provision for release of the vehicle if it is already hooked up and the driver appears simultaneously.

Mr. West said that it is clear that both the public and police officers are unaware of the law regarding wrecking.