President trinidadPresident Anthony Carmona is deferring his response to allegations of impropriety on the part of his office.

Over the past week questions have arisen over the rebottling of wine, allegedly purchased in Italy, which also used the coat of arms.

last week the communications department of the Office of the President assured that this matter will be addressed by his excellency today.

However in a media release it says, Very recent additional matters have arisen in the public domain warranting a more comprehensive response from the Office of the President.

It says, in the circumstances, the President must defer his intended response from today to Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 1.30 pm at the Office of the President.


Image result for Rhoda BharathMeanwhile, this morning, the person who broke the story about the wine, Rhoda Bharath responded to the President’s comments about armchair journalists.