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The Principal of Ste Madeleine Secondary School files lawsuit against TTUTA

The Principal of Ste Madeleine Secondary School files lawsuit against TTUTA

Ste Madeleine Secondary School

Ste Madeleine Secondary School

Attorneys representing principal of the Ste Madeleine Secondary School Joy Arjoon-Singh have filed a defamation claim against the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teacher’s Association (TTUTA) and its President Lynsley Doodhai.

The claim was filed on Tuesday, in which Arjoon-Singh is seeking a public apology from Doodhai, an injunction prohibiting him from making further disparaging remarks against her as well as an unspecified sum in damages.

The legal action comes after comments made by Doodhai regarding alleged financial mismanagement at the school.

Doodhai has been vocal in his condemnation of the principal and has called on Education Minister Anthony Garcia to take steps to have her removed from the school.

Joy Arjoon-SinghThe conflict came to a head last week when teachers at the school staged a protest against the principal, resulting in bottles being thrown at them by students.

Two students were suspended and several teachers are now facing disciplinary action over the incident.

Looptt says that in the claim, Arjoon-Singh’s attorneys listed several media reports in the Trinidad Express, Guardian, LoopTT and 103 FM which published comments made by Doodhai against their client.

The comments have injured her reputation and character and have brought her into public scandal and contempt, the claim stated.

Arjoon-Singh is said to have suffered severe mental stress, extreme embarrassment and humiliation as a result of the “consistent, continuous, relentless, false and malicious attack” on her good character and reputation.

The allegations of financial mismanagement made by Doodhai was also addressed in the claim.