A 31year-old man who was charged with the murder of Nehilla St Claire appeared in the First Magistrate Court on Monday.

Defence Attorney Fareed Ali says that Kester DaBro had been in custody over the last five days.

Ali says that his client told Homicide officers that the father of the woman’s child came to the home whilst he was visiting the deceased and upon seeing him, accused her of “having a man”.

He said the man rushed to the car trunk of his silver-coloured Tiida motor vehicle, picked up a cutlass and attacked the deceased.

The suspect rushed towards him to prevent any harm coming to the deceased.

It was at that moment he suffered injuries to his person.

He then ran out the yard bleeding from the neck in an effort to seek help from neighbours given that he was unarmed and he could not restrain her attacker by himself.

As he made his way out the yard it was then her attacker may have committed and completed his intended attack.

Speaking with News Power now, Ali revealed that his client was remanded into custody after his court appearance.

Ali was quick to point out that contrary to media reports his client has not been convicted for rape.