The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and TobagoThe Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (the Authority) has noted recent media publications and commentaries with regard to increasing rates for subscription television (pay TV) by local providers and the corresponding concerns expressed by consumers on the proposed rate increases.

In a release sent this morning, the Authority stated that it has worked to ensure that the pay TV television market in Trinidad and Tobago is an open one where consumer choice will drive demand and determine price.

The Authority stated that it recognized that there were concerns raised by both operators and consumers and stressed that consumers had the right to exercise choice.

The Authority also revealed that it had been working to improve consumer choice in the telecommunications and broadcasting markets.

To this end it revealed the local pay TV market has been liberalized to include thirteen (13) operators servicing both national and niche markets throughout Trinidad and consumers have been urged to become familiar with these operators and their prices so that they can make rational choices.

The release ended by saying that a full list of pay TV operators in alphabetical order was available on their website.