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They Did What? More Political Drama Unfolding in T&T…

They Did What? More Political Drama Unfolding in T&T…

News today that both the Political leader and the General Secretary of the Congress of the People have resigned.

Nicole Dyer Griffith blamed in essence, for party’s turmoil.

Information sent via a media release this morning, states that both Dr. Anirudh Mahabir and Clyde Weatherhead stated that they have both exhausted all resources and was even sued, due to unresolved matters regarding the candidacy of Mrs. Nicole Dyer-Griffith in the upcoming internal elections to be hosted on Sunday 20th August, 2017.

It added that the application to the court for the injunctions were meant to prevent Mrs. Dyer-Griffith from voting and being a candidate, along with 34 other members of the COP.

The application is expected to be heard today.

News Power Now spoke with founding member of the Congress of the People, Satu Ramcharan who said she was the least bit surprised by the resignation of both members.

She said the COP has become clouded by corruption and named Nicole Dyer-Griffith as one of the contributors to the state of the party.

Mrs. Ramcharan went on to add that the COP has never followed the guidelines of their constitution and adds that she is pleased with the current resignation of both the Political Leader and the General Secretary.