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Think Twice is a Power 102fm Boom 94fm, and Gillette Group of companies campaign aimed at encouraging individuals to make better, more positive decisions in their daily lives.

As Trinidad and Tobago enters its 2019 Carnival season, we focus on Road Safety.
With Campaign partners VEMCOTT (The Vehicle Management Company of Trinidad and Tobago) and Kendall Motor Oil, our aim is to educate the listeners, viewers and subscribers of Boom 94 and Power 102 on the risks and consequences of poor road practices, better choices for safer driving and Thinking Twice when behind the wheel for a safer T and T.

Everyday we give you life saving tips and advice on how you can safely use our roads and highways, plus we also invite you to download the SafeT app from Google Play and Apple Apps, which you can use to share message and information in your very own private networks, between family and friends and co-workers…all to keep each other safer.

Let’s all Think Twice …in everything we do for a safer Trinidad and Tobago!