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Third Cabinet reshuffle “sign of a collapsed Government” says the Opposition Leader…

Keith Rowley2

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley…

Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, has stated that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s third Cabinet reshuffle is a sign of a collapsed Government.

Calling for a general election, Dr. Rowley said the chaotic approach to managing the country’s affairs simply demonstrates the Prime Minister’s woeful inability to make sound choices in the interest of the country.

He said three major Cabinet reshuffles in just over 36 months are evidence of a leader that is floundering.

Full Statement

If the country needed any more evidence that the Government has collapsed and that the Prime Minister is totally out of her depth, then the recent statement and Cabinet reshuffle provide all the proof we need.

The Prime Minister is a lame duck, operating now on incredulous utterances and insulting assertions.  When the Prime Minister in her fourth year of chaotic Government could preface her speech today by pointing to the three major achievements of her Government as, the bailing out of CLICO, the issuing of food cards and the distribution of HDC houses then it confirms to even its greatest apologists that this Government is grasping at straws since all of these were in place before they came into being.

– CLICO was bailed out by the PNM under Patrick Manning.
– Houses being distributed now were built by the PNM. 
– The introduction and use of food cards were long in operation before she became Prime Minister. 
– The chaotic approach to managing our counrty’s affairs simply demonstrates the Prime Minister’s woeful inability to make sound choices in the interest of our country.

Three major Cabinet reshuffles in just over thirty six months are evidence of a leader that is floundering.

Her comment on her wish for a Government of national unity is pitiful and compares rather damningly with her haughty posture before the Coalition collapsed.  The population would do well to remember her oft quoted  words  “‘ I give you the assurance that I will keep the Partnership whole and together. We are stronger than ever”. Some assurance, some strength” 

 The Public Service and the entire state sector are constantly paying the price for having to deal with an unproductive Cabinet merry go round machine which is possibly one of the largest and certainly the most dysfunctional in the Commonwealth. This only serves to foster and facilitate  absolute  inefficiency and unprecedented levels of corruption to the delight of the minions and hangers- on that are so plentiful in this Administration. 

In Trinidad and Tobago today, remarkably, we have a Prime Minister who takes pleasure in having 41 Ministers: the largest number in our nation’s history yet Government  performance is the worst on record . New ministries  are invented, others are chopped up willy nilly and still no one can justify these changes which cost the tax payer unnecessary tens of millions. 

We note that the United States   has the equivalent of 22 Cabinet members serving a population of 314 million people. It can therefore be argued that if this Prime Minister were in charge of the affairs of the United States of America, she would on a ‘percapita’ basis be mandating the taxpayers there  to fund a Cabinet of 9,540 persons. That is, one Minister for each 33 thousand citizens as she has seen fit for our nation. We, are of the view that the size of the Cabinet and the number of Ministers is absurd.

 The questions about whether this most recent Cabinet reshuffle will have any impact whatsoever, can be assessed  by looking at the first two Cabinet reshuffles,  which, despite all of the uncertainty and additional costs incurred, there was not a scintilla of improvement to the  quality of service to  the taxpayers.

It is clear  that we are in the throes of the most severe political and governance crisis that our country has ever seen.

The country, has lost all confidence in this Government and this Prime Minister.

In the past three years, we have had 2 Minister of Health, 2 Ministers of Justice,  4 Ministers of National Security, 3 Ministers of Works, 2 Ministers of Local Government, 2 Ministers of Transport, 2 Ministers of Finance, 2 Ministers of Energy, 2 Ministers of Public Administration, 2 Ministers of Trade and Industry  and the list goes on and on. After all of this, salvation is now to come from  the latest offerings of Capt. Gary Griffith who, incidentally, has finally prevailed in the area of National Security.

The Peoples National Movement is calling on the people of Trinidad and Tobago to observe with sobriety, the lack of vision, lack of discipline and the lack of judgement in the decisions of our Government and our Prime Minister. We are not to question if the goals of this reshuffle really have anything to do with serving the people since it is the Prime Minister herself who told the media recently  that it is meant to help the fortunes of the collapsing  partnership. It is more about deceit,  Public Relations and quelling growing power plays and  Ministerial self-interest and preservation in a Coalition Government that has failed miserably and is unravelling further every day, much to the detriment of the citizens.

The only way out of this misery and disastrous situation is at the polls in the next General Election, which is the only sane solution.

Dr Keith Rowley