Homeschooling has begun by some schools across Trinidad and Tobago. Today, September 1st, 2020 is the official start of the academic school term.  This first week (September 1-4) is being used for new student and teacher orientation as well as planning activities, according to the Ministry of Education. Minister Nyan Gadsby Dolly last week explained that  schools can begin teaching and learning from September 7th, but made it clear that every school should be teaching and learning by September 14th.

Amid the new thrust for online learning in Trinidad and Tobago, some have questioned whether the country’s internet service providers are capable of the challenges that this new effort may bring. With many homes outfitted with internet by Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Limited, News Power Digital decided to speak with Public Relations Officer for the company, Mr. Colin Greaves. In our chat, he expressed great confidence in the company’s ability to provide unhindered internet coverage to everyone, even with the added load that is expected because of online learning.

On the matter of the government’s call for businesses to support students who are under resourced and incapable of coping with the new online learning thrust, Greaves said that Digicel has been in contact with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to implement a new initiative aimed at making e-learning widely available in Trinidad and Tobago.