pbr1The Ministry of National Security is today describing as, a poor judgment call, the decision taken by a transit police officer to ticket a man who was trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital.
The incident occurred two weeks ago when officer stopped the couple on their way to get emergency treatment.
The matter was then highlighted by the woman’s doctor and many subsequently criticized the officer.
Today the Ministry of National Security says it is aware of the incident, which has caused the public furor, over the issue of a fixed penalty notice on the priority bus route that may have compromised the birth of a baby.
The Ministry says, from the on-set it wishes to apologize for what appears to be a poor judgment call on the part of the transit officers in executing their duties.
It says, the officers made a judgment call which appears to have been inappropriate given the circumstances widely reported in the media.
The ministry has now has mandated the office of law enforcement policy, under whose supervision the transit police unit falls, to investigate the matter in collaboration with the police service and report as soon as possible.