sargassum-seaweed-tobagoThe Tobago Emergency Management Agency reveals that significant progress has been made in clearing beaches affected by the sargassum sea weed invasion.

Team Director, Allan Stewart in a News Power Now interview this afternoon explained that several beaches in the East of the Island have been affected by the development.


Mr Stewart said that it is now safe for members of the public to visit the beaches as significant amount of the sea weed have been removed.


Tobago Emergency Management Agency Director , Allan Stewart

Meanwhile, Director in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Linford Beckles, indicates that an estimated 6,000 cubic feet of the seaweed has been removed so far to two nearby disposal sites.

Mr Beckles adds that this represents “65 to 70 per cent” of the seaweed in the area.

He says clearing the area of the bulk of seaweed from both the beach and within coastal waters has been challenging, due to the limited availability of equipment.

The Tobago House of Assembly is also conducting air and water quality tests in the area, and testing should be completed by Monday.

The results of those tests should be available by Wednesday (August 19).

The water testing will determine how safe the beaches are for recreational activity.

Mr Beckles stressed that the focus is on Speyside because of the massive accumulation of seaweed there, and its impact on the fishing and tourism industries.

The THA has devoted an initial $3 million for the Speyside clean-up.