accident at Carnbee Main Road Tobago

Accident at Carnbee Main Road Tobago

The father of 13 year old Shiann Thomas who died in the accident at Carnbee Main Road Tobago has admitted that he loaned the vehicle to the girls on the night they died.

In a televised interview yesterday evening Emmanuel Thomas sought to clarify rumors that had been floating around since the accident.

He revealed that the car that was involved in last Sunday’s accident that killed two teenaged girls was not stolen.

Nineteen year old Lariann Perez and 13 year old Shiann Thomas had left home to get food late on Saturday evening however they never made it back home.

Mr. Thomas explained that he loaned the car to Perez who was described as a family friend to get food.


Lariann Perez 19 years old and Shiann Thomas 13 years old

He went on to explain that he was at home and fell asleep while taking in the Olympic Games.
He responded to critics who questioned how a responsible adult could allow a thirteen year old girl to go out that hour of the night.

Saying that he would miss his daughter tremendously Mr. Thomas pleaded with Tobagonians to stop spreading rumors.